Thursday, February 13, 2014

Whitney Brock

Whitney Brock knew she was an artist since grade school in Hawaii after winning a school competition.  Her confidence grew and she actively pursued any avenue that led to elevating her artistic abilities and knowledge.  Spending three years in the intensely liberal arts-supportive education system in Auckland, New Zealand helped well-round her skills.

She and her husband live in Virginia and have two sons.  After having her first son, Brock painted an underwater scene in his nursery, which led to a mural business that she actively pursued for  15 years.  During this time, she continued to develop her easel work in studio and plein air during travels to Europe.  She has now given up mural work almost completely to concentrate on her painting and marketing thereof.

Whitney exhibits locally and was chosen as a finalist in the International Artist magazine issue 55.  Currently, she is putting all of her efforts into her new body of work, consisting of large oils and pallet-knife painting as well as enjoying commission work.